Sunday, November 16, 2014

This week I tried shika - Japanese deer meat with raw egg, cow intestines, boiled fish paste and fish eyes! Delicious!!


Well, this week...

I definitely have been having a good time with Bowman shimai.  The weeks are going to fly by. I feel as if the more I don't want to go home the faster time goes by.  :(  That's unfortunate.  I am exhausted.  But I love this work so much. I love to make people smile. I love to see the recognition in their eyes that they are a child of God. That there will always be someone who loves them.  That there is a way that our burdens can be lifted and we can obtain the desires in this life and the next. All we need to do is just merely humble ourselves, drop whatever is holding us back, and grasp onto that rod.  The rod of God. Which will never lead us astray.  Christ is the reason. The way. The light.  I love Him.  

I definitely am in awe of Bowman shimai.  She has no fear.  She is lovingly bold.  She just goes and gets things done.  A little different than how Hamilton shimai and I did things.  But the work carries on. While we were driving over to the port I felt like we needed to visit a family a member told us about.The father, a member, died a few years back.   So we drive over and end up talking to the daughter and we switch numbers.  I am just kind of in shock of the things that are happening.  We are getting phone numbers. We then visit again this week and we meet the brother.  We talk for a little bit and he's never thought about where we were before this life or where we go.  You can tell that he's still unsure about his father's death.  But we were able to set up an appointment for this week.  We'll see what happens :)

I don't really have anything else to say.  Nothing has happened yet.  But I do know that the work we do with Less Actives and the finding that we are doing will have an effect into the eternities.  I'm just so impressed with how Bowman shimai is able to relate to young people so quickly. I've always felt that I've never had a lot to relate to them.  Even when I was a teenager.  But Bowman shimai just told me, "they want to talk to you. They're just shy. Now, they may not want to talk about God. But they want to talk to you."  Also I expressed some of my concerns with her because I didn't feel as if I was participating as much as I wanted to in streeting.  And it ends up with the discussion of how sometimes we feel that we are just in people's way when we stop them.  But if we think of it in a bigger picture.  There is nothing more important to listen to than this message.  Nothing.  Not work. Not school. Not lunch. Just like elder scott said.  And so it's our job to give them that chance.  We'll see if I can improve my streeting this week.  I'm not being rude.  Just saving souls. 

Then today we ended up going to a kenko taikai.  We met some teenaged girls who were on the kendo team in high school.  Cool. They told us about a taikai they had on monday.  So we went today.  We saw some kendo. Which is like Japanese fencing.  really cool. We saw our friends however, I don't think they saw us.  We tried to say hello, but they either didn't see us or were ignoring us.  Oh well.  

And then we came to the church for yakiniku with some of the members. Really fun.  It was mostly just the young couples in the branch and friends. It was great.  Delicious. We had shika... or Japanese deer meat. Check that one off my list.  Add it to raw egg, cow intestines, boiled fish paste, and fish eyes.  Delicious.  

Till next time. 

Bevan Shimai

Bevan and Bowman Shimai

Zone Meeting

Almost there, can't quite reach it . . .

Kenko taikai - Japanese fencing meet

Ward dinner!

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