Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Hey sashiburi" - long time no see!

This week:

Consisted of three phases

1. Hamilton shimai's last day in Japan.  
2. Imabari
3. Bowman shimai!

On Monday. It was crazy.  We didn't even have time to go shopping for food.  We just did our dendo in the morning because a member wanted to spend the whole day with us.  Afterwards we had indo curry with the choro as a last good bye.  It was kind of sad since Sorenson choro was also transferring and we had worked together for 4 transfers. Became really good friends.  It's amazing how many friends one makes on the mission.  I can't wait to go to their homecomings next year.  Then we met up with our wonderful member friend, the daughter of our 86 year old investigator.  She told us the day before "If you want to go anywhere, PLEASE let me know".  She was very much so hinting in a very japanese way that she wanted to be with us.  So we called her and we went up to Dogo Onsen to get a souvenir for Hamilton shimai.  She bought one of the door covers for her dad.  It was pretty cool.  Then we went off to the Ferris wheel.. Or the Ferrous wheel.  Buh dump chu.  We got to see the sunset from one of the highest points in japan.  Beautiful.  

Then our member friend found out that we hadn't been to a certain shopping center in masaki cho.  It was HUGE.  American poi.  Litterally there was an American Eagle and I was just like "Hey, Sashiburi"  The mall just went on forever.  I'm not quite used to that.  But we went to a 300 yen store which has much better quality stuff than the 100 en store. It's amazing what a difference it makes.   Back home.. exhausted.  As Hamilton shimai tries to stuff all of her presents into a carry on.  

Then as we are trying to pack for me to go to Imabari and Hamilton shimai for home, our ping pong goes off and I look at the screen to see who it is (because in Japan, the crime rate is so "high" that everyone has a camera at their door) and I see the chorotachi trying to duck away and hide.  We run down and say hello to them.  They tried to ding dong ditch us.. Silly.  Can't work in japan.  

They gave Hamilton shimai a farewell gift of food and candy. So nice of them.  

Then the next morning as we were off to the eki to catch the bus to Imabari, Hamilton shimai's bike broke... again.  And then we see the imabari bus pass by us... Oh no!  Hamilton shimai's bike at the time, her bike tire was sticking to the side of the bike.  The tire wasn't tightened enough.  Oh no... So it couldn't even roll along side.  Hamilton shimai kicked her bike so hard and it starts to roll again. She rolls her bike and starts to run.  5 min.  We are still a few short minutes away.. She ran and I slowly rode my bike alongside.  I carried a few of her items.  

We made it.  The branch kaicho, his wife and our member friend were there to say goodbye.  It was very kind of them.  A  nice farewell.  Off to Imabari.  

Imabari is a happening place.  We were hopping from place to place and lesson to lesson.  I was very impressed.  The days went by quickly. I was grateful mostly because I don't like being not in my area.  It was fun to see different ways of dendo'ing.  And we prayed A LOT. Holy cow.  I've never prayed so much in my life.  We prayed when we came in and out of the apartment.  Before we did anything.  I'm fine with prayer and such.  But I also like doing things and having a prayer in my heart.  Maybe this is why I'm not training and Howard shimai is.  I have something to learn from her.  

Back home in Matsuyama.  I met Bowman shimai as she was coming up from Uwajima.  She was very sad that Uwajima was closing.  It was doing really well.  Then we said goodbye to the Imabari shimai and Beane shimai as they left to go to Okayama.  

The past few days we've been just doing finding.  It's been great.  I love working with Bowman shimai.  Yes, it's a little different than with Hamilton shimai.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  I was definitely used to a way of dendo'ing for 5 months.  But it's been fun. We've been talking to a lot of different people.  Bowman shimai is so willing to talk to anyone and everyone.  I've got a lot to learn from her.  I'm not so good at that.  I'm good at conversation and such but not at stopping people.  It can be difficult.  But I'm going to try and change it.  I want to be better.  

Nothing too interesting happening right now.  But I've enjoyed talking with various people.  One person we keep running into at the eki is this man named Lenny.  He's a Nihonjin who likes to go to the ski-market- and talk with gaijin and practice his english.  We tried to invite him to eikaiwa - english class- but he has no interest.  He's met various missionaries and has come to eikaiwa in the past.... Like back in the 80s.  But it's so funny that he tries to translate for us even though we already understand japanese just fine.  :)
 He somewhat tries Bowman shimai's patience because he doesn't have really any interest and prevents her from talking to other people.  But other than that I just try to be kind, caring, and show interest in his life.  I know quite a bit about him even though he's not studying the church.  Good stuff.  

Still working on record keeping.  We are trying to make sure that all of the less actives are accounted for and documented to ensure that they are visited by the ward.  We have gone from 65 missing records down to 24!  This is really great - so hopefully, we can get more dendo time in the next few weeks.

I am doing my best to treasure each of the last days of my mission, I want to make the most of them.  I am excited to be a senior shimai.  It was sad to see so many of my friends and beloved companions leaving this week, I will miss them all and can't wait to see them again after my mission.  Hard to believe I am now one of the most "senior" sisters in the mission!  

Have a great week, don't forget to take time to study the general conference messages and decide what changes you want to make in your lives.  What's the point of watching 9 hours of conference without setting a few goals - lol :))

Love you always, 

Bevan Shimai

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