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Once more another week has passed.  I'm not sure if I really like this whole "time flying" thing. Not a fan.  But I guess life moves on and so should you.  Nor am I really looking forward to life post mission.  School.  Life.  Having to live with distractions from the Spirit.  Do I have to?  I like this too much.  

So a few weeks ago, while we were out and about visiting less actives. I had the thought to go and visit a part member family. The father, a member, died within the last few years.  So we visited and the daughter was home.  We talked with her for a little bit and she expressed a little interest so we exchanged numbers.  She also asked if she could invite her older brother, she said that he also might have interest. SURE.  Invite the whole neighborhood too.  We'll start a new branch in the port area.  :)  

We visited again a week later and we meet the older brother.  We talk for a little bit and end up scheduling a meeting for this past week.  He wanted to know more about where his father went.  He wanted to know more about eternal families and it's possible to do so.  So we talked about the Plan of Salvation.  We just gave a simple overview.  It seemed to go a little bit over his head, so I know we'll have to take it step by step.  But he really seemed to like it.  However, the question came up of, "well, there are so many different churches.  What's different about yours?" Well... Let me tell you. So the next lesson, we just gave a simple lesson on God, the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon.  How a boy, who desired to know the truth for himself, wanted to know which church was God's church. Only to find out that all the churches have strayed from the heart of God.  Amazing, isn't it?

We are going to meet again this week.  I am excited, he said that he's going to try and come to church this next week. 

On Bowman shimai's ipod, she has a bunch of talks by the apostles and by some various youth speakers. One of the speakers is John Bytheway, he is really good.  One of his talks is about how to get more out of our sunday worship.  I really liked it because it's so true and was really helpful.  First of all, how many of you would like to get more spiritually fed at church?  How many times have we sat through a meeting wishing it could just be over?  Or slept through one??? Hmmm?  How many times have you had the nice little red line on your forehead from sleeping on the pew.  So I will ask you, do you want to change that?

He gave a nice little acronym to help remember.  It's CHURCH.

C- Choice.  You can chose now to change.  You can chose to have a great time at church or you can make it one of the most tiring experiences.  You can choose to be edified or not.  You can choose to be happy or not.  Choose to get enough sleep on Saturday night so that you don't sleep through the Sunday mornings.  Does the Saviour not deserve our attention? Or love?  

H- Holy Day.  The Sabbath.  Are you keeping it? Do you remember it?  I really liked a quote he used.  "An ox in the mire is ok on Sunday. Just be sure you didn't shove it into the mire on Saturday"  I know that as we keep the Lord's day holy and revere it.  Our Sunday meetings will have that much more meaning and not just going through the motions. 

This gospel is not a going through the motions gospel.  It is a gospel of CHANGE.

U- Unity.  Kindness.  Love.  Greeting and loving everyone who walks through that door. You are friends with that person who walked off the street, desiring to be closer to their heavenly father.  Can you imagine the effect it would have on a person if 350 people went and greeted and warmly welcomed a newcomer.  Think they'll come again?  Yes, I think so!

R- Respect.  Respect others. Respect your leaders. Our leaders spend time, tears and sleepless nights worrying about you. The least you can do is stay awake and listen.  Not only that but support them, help them. love them. 

C- Church journal.  Take a journal.  Write down your thoughts. Things you liked.  You can make a every church meeting good, if you chose to.  I liked an experience he shared from Elder Eyring.  A particularly boring speaker was talking and Elder Eyring was watching his father. His father was smiling and practically laughing to himself. He later asked why and his father replied "Every speaker I listen to, I teach myself. I learn something new every time."  When was the last time you came prepared to church with questions?  When was the last time you wrote down thoughts during church?  Promise you it will help.  I am also going to repent and try these out because I want to have a better time at church.

H- Holy Ghost.  The sacrament.  Do we fully understand the meaning and significance of the sacrament? I don't have time to go into it but I would love to discuss it.  We need the sacrament. We need that guidance of the Holy Ghost in our lives, otherwise we can be easily distracted and lose our way off the path. Not good.     We don't come to church for us.  We come to worship the Savior.  Church is for Christ.  Not for us to be entertained.  Do we show our love and respect for Christ and His sacrifice?

Anyway, that's something I learned this week. Dendo is good!

Bevan shimai. 

I love my name tag :))

Taking photos in a dry river bed!

Bowman Shimai

Zone photo with Sister Welch! 

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