Monday, December 1, 2014

Last Letter! I can't believe I'm at the end of my mission!

But this week on Friday, Bowman shimai and I ended up going to Uwajima for district meeting because the zone leaders were on kokkans.  And so it was fun to see the same sights that three previous companions have seen.  To be in the same church that Archbold shimai, Hamilton shimai and Bowman shimai have worked in.  Fun stuff.  Our district leader is yanada choro.  He's got a good heart, but sometimes he's just a grump.  

Then yesterday was zone conference.  We went up to takamatsu on sunday night.  Stayed the night with stephenson shimai and nara shimai. Stevenson shimai is half but speaks no english at all.  And nara shimai is well nihonjin.  It was fun to be with them. Both of them are 5 transfer. 

Yesterday, Welch shimai and kaicho talked in the morning about the Book of Mormon challenge.  This challenge was introduced by the zone leaders at zone training meeting.  It was to read the book of mormon with a focus.  There are three focuses: References to the Godhead, their attributes, and their words.  So far it's been really good. I've already read 2 copies of the book of mormon with different focuses.  The first with a PMG focus and the second is a gospel of Jesus Christ focus.  Both times I have seen new perspective and gained a deeper understanding of the Book of mormon. 

Then in the afternoon we talked about training from the AP's about using the Book of Mormon more in our contacts and in teaching.  Also to follow up better in lessons and to show our investigators how important our invitations are because, well, they are!  

Then at the very end, it was time to bear testimony.  It was strange. At all the previous zone conferences I always looked at the returning missionaries and enjoyed their testimony, never even thinking that I would be the one to testify. Well, it happened. 

It was funny because the AP's were Stirling choro and Hoshino choro.  And I was just a first transfer when we were all together in Kobe.  Hoshino choro was training Stirling choro and district leader.  I mentioned this in my testimony mostly to demonstrate how fast time goes by.  Now both were APs.  Strange.  I admired them then and I still do. They are fantastic missionaries. 

As time has been quickly wrapping up, I've been reflecting a lot on my mission.  And the first feeling I have is of gratitude. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father that He called me on a mission.  To have all of these learning opportunities.  To learn, grow, and become stronger. A better person even.  

Thanks again. 

Love, Bevan shimai

Sarah with her companion and District Leaders at Matsuyama jo

Japanese Maples starting to turn

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