Saturday, October 18, 2014

49 days left!! O mochiro, Zone training, and General Conference!

This week has been good.  Like all of the other weeks in the Japan Kobe Mission.  

So that moment when you look at the calendar and you realize that you only have 49 days left O.o.  What?! When did that happen?  Wasn't it only yesterday that I was in Shimogamo with Tojo Shimai? Now she's going home next week with all of my other beloved companions: Pettit shimai, Archbold Shimai, Hamilton shimai.  Beane shimai is going to stick around for a few transfers after me.  We'll see what new companion I'll get next week. :[  

This past week, our lovely less active friend invited us to go out in the inaka of Matsuyama and go see a Matsuri.  Hilarious to say the least.  Ok, I swear that the Japanese are apart of the tribe of Levi.  I say that because I saw a lot of "Arc of the Covenant" mitai items this week.  Then at the Matsuri they slam the arcs into each other. Great stuff.  I took a video.  It might be too big to send, so we'll laugh together when we see each other again.  :) 

But what happens is that a bunch of guys get together and lift up this arc called "O mochiro" I think.  You'll have to double check it for me.  I only heard the word once and I forgot to write it down.  

But then we went to go see these dragon puppet suit things they do for the kids.  A couple of 12-13 year old kids go and get in this dragon suit.  It's hilarious.  And all the kids were so confused as to why we were there.  They asked us "You're from Christ's church? (キリスト教kyo)"  As if to say "What the heck are you doing here?"  Well, I'll have you know that we do partcipate in cultural things, even if they are Bhuddist or Shinto.  I believe Matsuri's have a shinto background because I saw what a Shinto priest looks like. They're rare in Japan.  Bhuddism is far more widespread than Shintoism.  

Anyway, then we had lunch at her home and shared a message about Sotaikai (general conference) and prophets.  How they are our guides in these later days.  Guides to our Heavenly Father's love, peace, and doing what is right.  To help us stay on the path to eternal life, back to our loving Heavenly Father's arms.  I only pray that at that day He'll say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

This week our lovely member friend invited us out to eat at a mom and pop okonomiyaki shop.  SO GOOD!  The best food in Japan is granma's shop.  Don't go to chains, they just don't compare.  And she ordered us okonomiyaki, yaki soba, yaki udon, takoyaki and such.  :DDD  おいしかった!

We also had ZTM on Friday.  That was really good.  Hamilton shimai said it was the best one she had been too.  We discussed Uchtdorf 会長's talk on the Atonement and Missionary work "Fear not, for I am with thee"   I had left my talk at the apartment and the elder sitting next to me had it in French because he's from Montreal.  However, he speaks fluent English and was even writing his notes in english.  So he's really Canadian.  ;P But I got to read his copy in French.  I haven't forgotten everything!  I could still read it.  I just can't speak/understand/write it. ;)  

Then General Conference!!! As I have come to leave home and being at school and then a mission, my love for general conference has only increased.  Exponentially.  Now it's not long enough.  I can't get enough.  I was so sad when the Sunday afternoon session was over.  One overriding thing that Hamilton shimai and I noticed about this session of conference was how powerful, direct, straightforward, and strong all of the talks were.  And these three themes were throughout the whole conference: 1. Deepen your conversion 2. Follow the prophet and apostles 3. Know where you stand.   Hamilton shimai couldn't help but wonder "What is going on?"  It seems as if there is something going to happen in the next year or so that may not be so bright and marvelous.  But what do you think?  

I loved Jorg Klenbingat 長老's talk.  Never before have I felt as if a leader was talking directly to me.  As if the talk was made specifically for me.  It was incredible.  He gave the need for spiritual confidence but then continued to give advice on HOW to do so.  Very grateful.  I plan on applying his advice.  As well as the other revelation I received.  A very good weekend.  

Thank you so much for everything!  

Love you so much、

Bevan Shimai 

Autumn Festival Matsuyama

Battling shrines

Zone Conference!

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