Saturday, August 23, 2014

Newly installed tatami - smells like alfalfa!

This week has been fun.  We've had a typhoon come in and apparently the entire mission was in the red danger zone.  We still went out and dendo'ed.  Because that's how we do it in the Japan Kobe mission. And the Japanese are wimps when it comes to weather.  It's always too hot or too cold ;)

Nothing unusual happened... We just got a little bit wet.  We enjoyed the cool weather and the nice strong wind, kept us cool.  What was really nice though was that the typhoon woke us up on Saturday night because the wind and the rain were so strong.  Yeah!  

On saturday we actually got to do service!!! In Japan they hate it when you serve them, I've tried forcing service.. it doesn't work. But we got to help a member move back into her remodeled home. She's kind of nursing her parents right now.  Her mom is really sick and unable to come to church.  Her father had a stroke and so is the most genki old man in all of Japan. He doesn't remember or understand a thing but super nice!  Every sunday he greets the missionaries with a high five.  He has the best chuckle too.  I like to pat his hair because it's really soft.. (that's not creepy at all ;) )  So we helped her move in.  The chorotachi helped too.  I got to see newly installed tatami.  Smelled like alfalfa.  

Then Sunday was awesome!  Despite the threats of the typhoon, it blew through the entire night (Saturday night) but not Sunday morning.  The members told of how they prayed they would be able to go to church that morning.  We even had 4 people come to church that day.  It was amazing.  They were all less actives.  One of them was a sister whom we've been texting a daily scripture to help her read the scriptures.  She came without telling us.  We were so happy to see her!  We didn't get a chance to ask how it went.  But she seemed happy.

For weeks we have been trying to improve the fuinki of the branch. People would usually come to church, however they wouldn't be very happy. Everyone was grim, or I'm guessing tired.  So Hamilton shimai and I have tried to personally greet everyone with a smile and to have meaningful conversations with the members.  I don't know if that made any difference about yesterday.  But members started to greet members.  There were some members visiting family in Matsuyama and so came to church and were warmly greeted by the branch.  I was so proud. Everyone seemed happy.  Good day, good day.

So more follow up about our wonderful conselor friend who referred his wife.  We tried to visit her again but she wasn't home.  So we left a little gift and note saying that we were thinking about her and hoped she was well.

Tonight we'll be taking a bus to Takamatsu for zone taikai. I'm thinking that we'll get to hear about Welch Kaicho's vision for the mission. But we'll see.  We've already gotten homework about Baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I'm interested to see what his interpretation is.

love always, 
Bevan 姉妹

P.S for our preperation fun thing we went on a hike to the Matsuyama jo.  enjoyed some ice cream (I had marmalade with mine.  Really good). Then we came back down and emailed.  Good stuff. (ignore the bags under our eyes)

Also this past sunday we helped to make a diaper cake for a sister in the branch who's expecting.  This is a really good reflection on Japanese taste and style.  Just saying.  

And this week I had my first cup of "coffee."  Mugi coffee that is.  Completely barley based.  Pretty good after our lovely member friend added milk to it. Fun experience of the week ;)

And... It's hot :P

Japanese Mugi "coffee"

Super cute diaper cake


The awesome shimai duo on their way to the Matsuyama jo or castle!