Friday, August 8, 2014

Matsuyama shimai . . . ready to take over the world!

Ok, so maybe we're still a work in process ;)

This week we did a lot of dendo with our part member families in the Branch. I have been humbled in getting to know many of the personal struggles that members and their spouses must deal with.  These relationships can be very complicated and sometimes a little puzzling to a 21 year old without any marriage experience! Then on top of that add a good measure of Japanese culture, and relationships can become downright messy. Suffice it to say that this aspect of missionary work has reinforced my desire to find a really nice guy to marry someday - someone who will love me and find me beautiful no matter what! 

As a fun note this week, Hamilton shimai and I celebrated the new transfer with udon and Baskin Robbins ice cream.  Udon was amazing!  Ice cream was amazing!  I have found the best food in Japan is found in the mom and pop shops. You don't get better than that.  However that day it began to pour and continued to rain sheets and buckets and cats and dogs until late in the evening.  Our rain suits almost had no purpose.  After 7 hours of constant rain- no rain gear will protect you.  But I was still relatively dry... my back was anyway.  It rained for 2 days and then this week we're expecting a typhoon (Halong -see photos below)!  Yeah Japan!  It makes you sweat buckets in the summer.  You enjoy a day of cool air, then you drown in torrential rain, and then you suffocate with the humidity as the water evaporates and gets ready to rain again!  

This week I am traveling to Takamatsu (north side of Shikoku, across the sea from Akou).  It is going to be Zone training meeting.  I am looking forward to being spiritually uplifted and to change my dendo in order to help my brothers and sisters come unto Christ. 

Love you all.  Thank you for all that you do. Pray that the worst of the typhoon will pass around us!

Love always, 

Bevan Shimai

I LOVE sharing the GOSPEL!

Uwajima District

Typhoon Halong heading to Japan - supposed to slam into Shikoku Saturday
with 80-100 mph winds with a possibility of 6-10 inches of rain!!

Matsuyama is just below Hiroshima on this map and the one below!