Friday, April 11, 2014

Sakura Time

konnichiwa mina san!

This week has been one of exciting announcements and changes in the Japan Kobe Mission.  We found out friday at our Zone training that all the sisters now are in charge of finding, teaching, and reactivating all of the Less Actives.  Previously, Zinke Kaicho asked us not to go visit less actives but to leave it to the members... But now all bounds are loose.  Previously Zinke Kaicho did a *test run* on Shikoku (big island beneath us)where he had the sister missionaries only focus on less actives.  And now zones there are teaching over 40 people and baptizing new family members.  So because of a sister's naturally loving nature, he has assigned every sister to focus only on Less Actives instead of finding. It will start once all the paper work is done and we have the proper tools (more paper work).  So we'll see what miracles will happen once this begins.  Our branch president is way excited.  He talked with us on Sunday and went over our less active list and showed who has moved, or died.  And then he discussed who he wants us to visit.  But for now we will still go finding until things are ready to go.  

This week we had a lesson with our Methodist friend named... Ray.  Ray san was first baptist then turned methodist.  He agrees with a lot of our doctrines and says he has the desire to follow Christ.  They first asked him to be baptized before I came and he said he was already baptized.  Then my first lesson with him was about the priesthood.  Which was kind of rocky.  He was admitting all sorts of doubts left and right which Archbold Shimai had never seen before.  So this last week, we talked about Jesus Christ and His very important role and why and how He can help us.  His countenance was completely different.  And then he had more questions about baptism and the gift of the holy ghost!  So happy.  I think something really clicked for him.  So I'm hoping for the best for Ray San.  I really want him to enjoy the blessings that God wants to give him. I want him to see that. To desire that. 

Also, we had a member at this lesson.  So grateful to finally have what we call a "doseki" lesson. Granted, he talked about some confusing things which just went right over ray san's head but I think he'll be ok.  If you really want to help in dendo, offer to doseki.  Explain things simply.  Anyone who is investigating the church has the spirituality and spiritual knowledge as an 8-year-old.  In every day conversations use church words.  When someone asks about your weekend, actually mention that you went to church.  You just might find some curious friends. Who knows?  I also know of a really good book that I've read called "The power of an everyday missionary" I forgot who it's by but it gives really good ideas about how to spread this wonderful, true gospel to the ones you love without seeming weird.  Because we're not.  We just want them to enjoy the same blessings and happiness from the gospel that we enjoy :D

Then good ol' beane shimai.  She's awesome.  Granted, she just came from the city (osaka, ibaraki) and wasn't such a fan of housing :] but who really is?  At first her housing contact wasn't amazing but she's gotten better through gentle advice and some good tips.  She's pretty cool.  She doesn't make up rules (thank goodness) She's not an insane shimai and we think pretty similarly. She's not afraid to stand up for her opinions (not that we've really disagreed at all) and really wants to be a good missionary. 

Also this week (besides being conference), I get to go on Kokans (or splits) with the Sister training leaders.  It's finally our turn to learn and become better missionaries.  They're also going to train us on our new role of reactivation.  Sister Lofthouse and Hayashi shimai will be with my companion and I this week.  Excited to dendo better.  

Love you all so much.  Thanks for your support, love, and emails!

Bevan Shimai

It's Sakura time! Cherry blossoms in Ako Japan - I had prayed all week that someone would take us to see the blossoms and my prayers were answered!  Enjoy - these are for you Mom!