Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm going to be bolder . . .

Konnichiwa!  Mina genki?

This past week is transfers, as you well know.  Beane shimai is from Tooele (or however you spell it) Utah and is so fun to be around.  She's been in Ibaraki (near Osaka) her entire 4 transfers of her mission and is now a fifth transfer with me in Akou.  It should be amazing.  We're going to try and see some miracles.  

This past week, we taught our country obachan about how God is our loving Heavenly Father.  And the entire time she said, "I went to the catholic church already for 3 years, I already know this"  Beane shimai was close to giving up because she wouldn't really listen to us. We'll see if we hold on to her or not.  She would also keep talking about how old her home is (100 years old) and that she's not interested in joining a religion.  I've heard people say that before and still join the church, so I am not too concerned.  I just say that's ok and I keep talking, and i just let the spirit do the rest of the work.  But we'll see if she'll actually listen to us or not. 

Then the other day while housing, we ran into someone I had met before in a different place (the funny thing about housing in akou is that you've probably knocked on every person's door and have met everyone who you see on the street.  But anyway,  we met this guy at his gate.  At first I didn't recognize him but then it dawned on me and we started to have a conversation with him.  He's the same guy as the soccer coach whom lofthouse shimai talked about in her emails (dad).  He couches a professional kids soccer team and he invited us to play soccer with them.  We'll see if we'll be able to go or not.  I'm not too sure if he has real interest or not.  He was dropped before by Archbold shimai because they told her "we don't want to meet with you because you're not lofthouse shimai" . Hopefully, we can talk to him some more this week.

Other than that, I don't have a lot of things to say.  Akou is not an easy place to dendo (go housing). You can't meet people on the street here because nobody is on the sidewalks! So all we have is housing. Housing works, but it's not always effective.  I feel as if my faith is constantly being challenged.  I don't really always know what I am doing.  I just keep trying to know what the Lord's will is here.  I've been reading the scriptures a lot Just making a lot of goals to help our investigators progress.  I'm going to be bolder and try to challenge them.  It's a risk I'm going to have to take if we want to see things get done here in Akou.  I get frustrated that nothing ever happens with our investigators.  I'm praying for patience! Patience has always been hard for me, it's hard to let the Lord take care of things, but I need to trust in His timing.

I wish I could write more inspirational things. I wish I could write of miracles and awesome conversion stories but right now is not that time.  I am doing everything I can. We're going to be doing some things differently here.  I'm going to study up, work hard, be bold, and sift the sheep from the goats - lol. 

1 more week until conference for you though.  I have 2 more weeks.  Still preparing. Still planning.  Think about questions you would like answered. Pray. Watch all of the sessions of conference. I LOVED the last general conference.  All the meetings were so inspiring. It was the best conference ever because I was prepared, and it had a lot more meaning for me.  I love hearing from our prophet and apostles.  It is such a spiritual boost!  You know, I am so grateful to be a missionary in the Japan Kobe mission.  I am grateful that my mission is obedient (for the most part, there's always one or two). I am grateful that my mission president doesn't focus on how to properly use our planners or the importance of obedience.  I love how he talks to us about how to utilize the power of God in our work to find, teach, and baptize the elect.  I am grateful for the sacrament and that it makes us clean each week and worthy to have the Holy Ghost.  Through that power, we can do the Lord's will and see miracles. 
Wish us luck.  

Bevan Shimai

Sarah's new companion - Beane Shimai!