Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I'm sure Zinke Kaicho was giddy!

So this week has had it's course of ups and downs, of course.  Ups because of the mission tour with Elder Whiting and two new investigators and downs because.. we don't have any progressing investigators right now... YATTA!... 

On Friday it was the mission tour in Kobe.  We learned a lot. I don't have my notes on me.  But I remember really liking about how he talked about that sisters have a stronger tendency to become discouraged.  But then encouraged us not to fall in that trap but to stay strong because we are the flight of the mission.  Then he discussed how through the Atonement, not only our investigators can change but also us as well.  How can we expect others to change when we are not also willing to do so.  To drop all that we have and to follow the call to come unto Christ.

Then we found two new investigators this week!  A mother and her 10-year-old daughter.  They are so nice, the first time they talked with us it was a pity talk, but after the first lesson she seemed to show more interest.  We're hoping for the best. 

I also just had a thought, during the mission tour, Elder whiting continued to make parables to Lehi's family.  Because, boy, that family is a mess.  The two oldest sons who didn't like dreams said to each other, "hey, we don't really like his dreams... Let's kill him."  yeah.. a great idea. But then he discussed how Nephi still had not only faith but did what the Lord wanted without questions without hesitating, instead he asks for the tools to accomplish whatever needs to be done.

But the fist pump moment of the conference was when Sister whiting said, "I was going to give my prepared talk on obedience today, but I feel and see that you are a solid group of missionaries.  So I'm not going to waste my or your time today.  Instead, I'm going to use a talk from Elder Jeffery R. Holland."  I'm sure Zinke Kaicho was giddy. 

Archbold shimai has also been awesome, she has been so supportive and fun to be with.  She has really helped me to make decisions.  We are hoping to not only see miracles but perform them.  I cannot believe we are once more hitting the half way mark in the transfer.  Our goal is to see a baptism before the end of the month. We definitely need the Lord's help if this is to happen.

Another thought.  Miracles.  It's so funny, but I was totally guilty of thinking that miracles are like Angels and seeing Christ and having awesome visions and finding and baptizing people in a transfer. But then as I continued to study from my first transfer it continually states in the scriptures of how God's miracles come from small and simple means that men cannot comprehend them.   So keep your eyes open, look for the Lord's hand in your life. Search for those tender mercies and be grateful.  The Lord is definitely more involved in your life than you may think or believe.  He loves you and knows you. 
Finding the lost sheep!

Sarah's new companion Archbold Shimai

Coast of Ako Japan