Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ganbate kudasai!

So this week would be classified as relatively difficult.  I could complain about a lot of different things but I don't think that is relavent.  In fact I have learned a lot this week.  I have also stressed a lot this week.  I am not sure if I'm a fan of the whole 'I'm senior companion" thing.  It was so funny, Archbold Shimai and I are so used to being the junior companion that the first few days were rather rocky because neither one of us cared how things were done.  We've always had very opinionated senior companions. 

this week however, we housed a lot.  Not many of our investigators could meet.. Or none of our investigators could meet.  We taught some lessons but nobody wanted to hear our message again.  A little disheartening, ne?  But that doesn't matter.  I've learned a lot this week about Christ. 

this past week we had a mission training plan (mtp) given to us from Zinke Kaicho, it talks about studying more and learning more about Christ and His life, example, character and so on.   I remember after I had 2 semesters of studying the New Testament that my testimony about Christ was rock solid.  I knew Christ.  I knew who He was and that He was my Savior and Redeemer. I knew His life, His miracles, His personality.  Now that I've been on a mission, I feel as if I haven't been doing as much personal study here.  In fact, our mission president tells us that personal study should be the least personal time.  But I figure if my testimony is struggling, than I need to strengthen my testimony for the sake of my investigators. 

So I took time to study Christ and who He is. When was the last time you did so?  How well do you know Christ?  Are you satisfied with your testimony?  How is your faith in Christ?  Is it not as strong as it used to be?  When was the last time you paid attention to it?  

I realized that my testimony about Christ has been waning.  I have not been paying attention to it as much as I should've been.  I can do better.  That's why I am repenting and changing that behavior.  If you have any favorite scriptures about christ, feel free to share them. 

This week is also the Mission tour with Elder Whiting of the Seventy.  So Zinke Kaicho is really excited and making sure everyone is in their finest wear for him this week.  

Thanks for everything.  Love you,

Bevan Shimai

P.S  Challenge of the week: Find something you can improve that you have been content with such as: prayers, testimony in Christ (or anything) reading the book of Mormon, and so on.  See how you can change it and pray for the help to do so.  Ganbate kudasai!