Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The worry chart!

mina san konnichiwa,

So this week was mensetsu's! (interviews) which are my favorite part of meetings.  It's a time when you can receive specific revelation for your area from Zinke Kaicho and then have a one-on-one interview time with him to ask any question that your heart desires.  Needless to say, I start preparing weeks in advance.  Then Zinke Kaicho will ask, 'so what does your list of questions say?' and I'll start with #1 and move down.  And he'll patiently answer all of them, really well.  

So in the morning is training from Zinke Kaicho. He doesn't come with a pre-planned presentation but just starts to ask questions and then from the questions he receives inspiration as to what our zone needs.  So cool.  

That morning he felt that our zone was worrying too much over things we don't have control over (surprised?)  Such as the Lord's side of the job: miracles, power, the Spirit, etc.  and not worrying enough over the things we have control over: obedience, effort, faith, testimony, heart, might, mind and strength.  He even created a chart for us.  It's called the worry chart. Our mission is based on obedience, it's habit for us.  If you don't obey, you will have issues with your companion. Your companion will  hopefully help you correct any sort of obedience issue, because If not, you are at risk for going home :(

Moving on.. So he asks us if we are not just doing our best, but are we doing 'all things' in our power?  Because sometimes saying "I'm doing my best" is just an excuse, a copout, to keep us from giving 100%.  When in fact, you could be doing more.  But I'm not going into that because we have since repented and are going to give 100% everyday.  

Then during interviews with Kaicho, after my first question (expressing my frustration at not seeing a lot of progress in the area after doing our "best"), he asks a question that I think has absolutely no revelance to my question (of course it does) - He asks me, 'do you have unshakeable faith in Christ, His teachings, and His atonement?' I was caught off guard. 'Yes, of course'  "Do you have faith in the 2nd coming and that Christ will come again?"  'Yes...'  Do  you have faith in Christ today?   "Yes"-  and he replied to me -"no you don't"

oohhh.. That got my goat.  I hate it whenever someone straw mans me (tells me what I believe/think)  And I purposefully say very strongly - "Yes, I do"  !

The President replied back to me, "No you don't- because if you did, you would have already found all the elect in your area"  

So a question that I want to ask is, "Do you have faith in the Lord today?"  Do you believe that He will help you do anything, or do you doubt a little bit?  Do you believe He is directly involved in your life?  Or that He just sent you here, gave you a plan and then says " good luck.  Maybe I'll see you later".  I don't think so.  I think we need to give the Lord a little bit more credit in our lives.  I will repeat a statement that I tell all my investigators the first lesson, 'Heavenly Father loves you and wants to talk with you.  He loves you and wants to bless you and guide you through this life.'  Do you believe that?

That's my question of the week and my manada koto (learning point)  of the week.

What does the Lord mean to you?  Alma 26:12

Bevan Shimai