Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lovin' the work. It's awesome . . .

Today for Junbi no hi we decided to take a nap day.  Both of us were exhausted from the past weeks efforts.  Last night both of us slept like rocks! Which is unusual for Pettit Shimai because she is a very light sleeper.

So a couple of new things that I forgot to mention last week.  So at our training the other week I found out that some other missions in Japan have had difficulty with people stealing bikes (because unfortunately not everyone locks their bikes thinking, "Hey this is Japan, no one is going to steal my bike"... I'm from LA.  You lock it or lose it! )  So now we have these really bright yellow stickers on our bikes that say the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints.  awesome.. I know.  So at first I thought "Hey now we NEVER have to lock our bikes because who wants the name of Christ staring at them when they're riding a stolen bike?  But I still lock it and now we're OCD while parking our bikes because it's practically illegal to park your bike anywhere in Kyoto. Pettit Shimai has seen police cars race through traffic just to ticket an illegally parked car... oh, Japan...

Also, as of the end of last year the Japan Kobe mission became the number one baptizing mission in the North Asia area.  :D  And why is that? Because of the Lord and that we pay attention to Him. At our training Zinke Kaicho mentioned it like 5 times - so exciting!

But cool story.  

saturday we go housing this apartment complex that is like a 40-60min bike ride from our apartment.  We "discovered" the area because of one of the chorotachi's referral.  We went to go visit this referral, however, she wasn't home.  We saw another apartment complex down the hill and we go pay it a visit. We prayed to know which building to house (ABC or D) and I got C, Pettit Shimai got D.  Then we prayed for what floor.  We both felt 3.  So we go to the third floor of C and there's this woman who has a picture of Christ in her genkon (front area) and says, 'please come back.  I'm free on Sundays'.... :DDDDDDD

So yesterday Pettit Shimai and I needed a new investigator.  It had been a couple weeks since we've found one. And none of the 200 some odd people we invited to Eikaiwa showed up... And so we decided to spend all day going out and finding.  That is from 1-8pm :)  Funny thing is that it snowed that day.  There were several inches on the ground and it was so cold!  But that didn't stop us.  We fasted that day to help one of our investigators and to also find a new investigator. So we brought our investigator dinner: Oniri giri (those rice triangles with seaweed. So good!)  

Needless to say, we returned the next day to visit this woman ;)  And we got a lesson! woo whoo and she wants to come to church.  I'm so stoked! That never happens. I am so grateful for relying on the Lord to guide us to His elect.  Miracles do happen.

Then we did the same thing for another apartment complex.  There were 10 buildings in this community.  I felt that we should house buildings 1 and 4,, Pettit Shimai felt 4,7, +8.  So we did building 4 first. We Prayed for which floor and both felt three (revelation is awesome).  We house it and we find a strong potentional investigator who has heard from various churches before.   

We move on to building 8.  We pray again to know which floor.  I felt the 4th and 5th floors, and my companion felt 1+4.  So we did the fourth floor and found 2 PIs!  And one of them is a family who said they were available anytime.... I'm not used to this but I'm excited. I've never taught a family before.  I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us. 

So Pettit Shimai and I really like what we call 'selectively housing'.  Because we had barely any time left before we had to leave and we were able to find 4 PIs and a new investigator. So grateful unto the Lord and that we relied on Him.  Otherwise, the work goes very very slow.

Funny thing about housing though.  Every once in awhile people won't actually open their doors.  They'll just talk through the door.  And then when we mention that we're church volunteers they say the equivalent of "I'm not here".  I can't help but laugh and role my eyes when that happens.

Lovin' the work. It's awesome.  Currently in perfect bliss.  Yes.. even while housing and nobody's "home" - lol  ;)

Bevan Shimai

Sarah and her companion - at the Silver Temple?

Fun picture from last fall

Winter in Kyoto

Biking in the snow - Brrrr!

View from Sarah's window

Sarah's new yukata!