Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transfer Time!

Ok, so this week has definitely had it's ups and downs.  But so it is with missionary work!  

I was feeling really frustrated with everything and how nothing was really progressing.  We had a progressing investigator go to "non-progressing, so that was really depressing, and we just were not getting anywhere fast with any other investigators.  In addition, there is the mission of goal of "every missionary companionship will see a baptism by the end of the month".... well... I did see one.  A kid in the ward turned 8 and so all the missionaries brought investigators to the church to see the service.  By the way, baptismal services here are a lot different than the ones in America. 

First, the talks are given in the chapel because so many people come.  Then we all go down to the baptismal area (it's in the nursery room) and we watch the ordinance. Afterwards, we go back to the chapel and sing a few hymns.  Once the child and their father return to the chapel, the child is given the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Afterwards, everyone lines up to congratulate the parents and the child in a procession. Pretty cool.  

On a different subject, cars are also pretty cool here in Japan.  Toyotas have their own icon on the front of the car, it's a crown on the front of the car... Love it.  Look up the Toyota Harrier, Crown, Estevia and the Emina (at first I thought it was enema... lol, awkward) Anyway, the Harrier looks like a copy of its twin, a Lexus.. just saying.. anyway, that was my Japanese observation of the week. 

Today for P-day, we go to Sanomia (shopping area of Kobe) and we buy new clothes! Yay, so excited to get some fresh clothes.  I look nihonjin now ;) Then we buy crepes and they were SO good!  I'm still yet to eat sushi, but I will... Maybe not today.... but I will. 

This morning we run over to the church so we can look at the transfer list online.  Fish Shimai and I are both being transferred!!! Fish Shimai is finally leaving Kobe after 4 transfers (almost 6 months) and she's picking up two new trainees from the mission home and then she is on her way to Shikoku (the other island).  I am going the opposite way.  I have been transferred to the Kyoto zone and will serve in the Shimogamo area!  I am so STOKED!!! I will definitely send photos if I can next week.  My new companion is Sister Tojo.  She is nihonjin and she is a 4th transfer (so she and Fish Shimai have both been out the same amount of time.  I am so excited, I almost can't handle it!

Anyway, I have to go soon.  Because of all our activities today, we don't have much time left before 6.  I Love you all.  Thank you for all your support.  A scripture that really helped me this week was Ether 12:4

Bevan 姉妹

Watermelon is a big deal in japan.  It's about 350 yen for less than a quarter of a watermelon, and I am going to enjoy every bite!

Fish Shimai and I

they have these bags for your head in the dressing room.. Made me laugh

Here are the instructions, in case you have any confusion!