Saturday, September 20, 2014

The spiders on Shikoku are so much genkier!

So the big news is . . . . Hamilton shimai and I are staying in Matsuyama for 4 transfers!!! *_*

Wow - Like I said, never been with someone for 3 transfers let alone 4 transfers.  Feeling very blessed because I wouldn't want to be with anyone else for 6 months. Kind of fun to see the entire zone change except for you and your companion.  Hamilton shimai has been in the Matsuyama zone for 8 transfers.  She's been in the Uwajima district for 8 transfers.  (she was in Uwajima before) and now is going to have spent half of her mission in matsuyama.  My prediction is that I will finish my mission in Matsuyama.  And I'll have spent 1 transfer in Kobe, 2 in Akou, 4 in Shimogamo and maybe 5 in Matsuyama.. we'll see.  Maybe I'll gypsy?  (spending only 1 transfer in an area). 

This week was a week of a lot of bike riding.  So now that a lot of the near by people are those who are never home we are starting to go to farther places. Yesterday, we were planning on going somewhere that we thought was to be 90 minutes, however it turned into 2.5 hours.  Because all of a sudden a wild mountain appeared and we fought it with our mamachari's.  "Mamachari's go!"  (a bike that's anything but a mountain bike.. 6 gears.. only)

However, luckily our efforts were satisfied.  1.  We brought bentos (lunch) because there was no way we could've made it back over that mountain without food.  2. We contacted all of the less actives out in that area :D  One moved to Kobe and the other had no interest.  Yeah!!! And we got to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.  It was your traditional japanese sunset with the clouds crossing a red sun.  Awe inspiring.  And then back over the mountain.  

We spent a lot of this week just going streeting, housing, trying to spread the great word.  We also had Zone Training this meeting.  I really liked how we discussed the blessings of serving a mission and also how to better work with the Branch.  Got some good ideas on how to work together or how to be more of a help to the branch instead of just individually working from the branch.  

Also a funny note about missionary life:  We measure time according to 6 week increments.  When you find out random facts like: Christmas is 17 more fridays away you think "wow, that's almost 3 transfers"   Or "I only have training left on my mission"  O.o Where did the time go?  Just going to make the best of my time while I have it.  We only have one mission.  Unless you are Sister Mary from the MTC who served 6.  

I don't really have a lot to say.  A lot of appointments ended up dropping this week.  It happens.  We actually ended up teaching one of our less active sisters in her genkan.  She's listened to totsuzen lessons before but never in her genakan.  Hamilton shimai says that's the farthest she's been in her house. Progress?  But we ended up talking about her desires.  How Heavenly Father desires the same for her (her family's happiness) and that it's only through the gospel of Jesus Christ can we have that lasting happiness.  The peace within the storm.  Eternal Families where death does not tear us apart but merely separates us for a short period of time.  So grateful for that promise that I can be with my family forever.  I only want others to have that same joy.  

Also I believe that the spiders on Shikoku are just so much genkier than the ones in Shimogamo, because I never saw any spiders as big as these.  HUGE!  Like fill your hand huge.  Granted, they are no bird eating spider, but you certainly take care to make sure that none fall on your face.  Just the little things that make your day as you go housing.  However, only went housing this week because of time and the lack thereof.  So it was more "effective" to go housing.   Realized this week that streeting so SO much more fun than housing.  I like just being told no rather than having the door be slammed in my face.  :)

Well.  Hope you have a great week this week.  Miss you all.  Love you all so much.  'Till next time. 

Bevan Shimai
Don't let this guy fall on your face!

Beautiful sunset on Shikoku

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