Thursday, July 17, 2014

Note to self: You don't come to church to sleep!

hope you're all well and genki.

This week was good.  Nothing too interesting.  No earthquakes here in Shikoku.  Everyone was panicking about the typhoon in Okinawa thinking it was to come to Shikoku. Ward members were telling us to stay inside.  We even got a message from the honbu to be careful.  Be safe.  The day of the typhoon "came" and we just did weekly planning and no storm.  So we went out and dendo'ed.  

This week I also gave my talk in church.  Lots of people seemed to like it.  They all complimented me afterwards. At least, those who were awake.  Note to self:  You didn't come to church to sleep.  You came to be edified.  Also, pay attention when the members are speaking.  It definitely looks better than "sleeping" or doing something else.   I spoke about vision.  About getting one and dreaming big!  Matsuyama can be so much bigger and better than a branch.  Not only can it become a ward but a stake. Then a temple in Shikoku.  Most likely in Matsuyama because it's the biggest city in Shikoku. :D  That in order to progess we need a vision for the future.  Of what we want to become.  Otherwise, we just go in circles.  

Then that afternoon, we went out contacting less actives and we ping ponged this one woman's home.  At first she wasn't very friendly over the intercom and just seemed impatient.  However, I said that we had heard some good things about you from the branch and we wanted to meet said person.  She says to wait a minute.  She comes down and we start talking and she asks from whom did we hear about her.  I had no idea.  I just say the "good things" line to prevent people from slamming the door in my face or hanging up on me. :]

So I mention one of the oldest members in the ward (as in membership not age) and she is just so happy to hear that people are still thinking of her.  That she's not completely forgotten.  (just emphasizes how IMPORTANT home and visiting teaching is) However because she wasn't that friendly to the missionaries but still has interest in the church, we're just going to ask that the branch takes care of her.  We just feel that if they visited her. Invited her to activities, that she would become active again.  She just needs friends.  How important it is to befriend others.  Even those who are not as well dressed or wearing jeans to church.  They are children of God.  No one should go less active due to a lack of friends.  Just life lessons that I'm learning .

This week, I got a hold of a cheap, paperback copy of an english book of mormon.  I decided to read the book of mormon with the suggestions in the Book of Mormon section of Preach my Gospel.  It's under suggestions for mission president.  It just suggest to read it and highlight any of the lessons but also all mentions of Christ, his name, and his attributes.  Holy Cow,  Christ's name is on each page like 5 times.  Never realized it until now.  And I'm also noticing the Christ like attributes of Nephi and his family.  Or how incredibly annoying he was to Laman and Lemuel.  Not excusing what they did, but I don't think Nephi helped out by saying how he was chosen to rule over them by God.  Not the best tact Nephi.  

This week I'll get to sit down and chat it up with Welch Kaicho at interviews.  Should be fun.  I look forward to it.  I wonder if he'll do it differently than Zinke Kaicho.  Probably.  They're completely different people.  I'll let you all know how it goes next week.  

A quote about Japan that really motivates me:

“Now I want to tell you people here tonight something that I have not said before. Some of 

you who are listening to me tonight will live to see the day when there will be a Japanese 

man in the Council of the Twelve Apostles of the Church. ...Then you will realize that God 

loves the Japanese people. ... I feel it in my heart tonight and I dare to make this prediction 

in the name of the Lord. ... And some of you people may be called to go to Russia on 

missions.” ~Hue B. Brown 1967

Today, we are going to go off to Dogo spa.  Take some photos, tour the city, have fun.  Enjoy life and dendo. 

love always, bevan shimai

Typhoon Neoguri heading across Japan

Ferris wheel on top of the Takashimaya department store in Matsuyama

Fiery summer sunset!