Thursday, June 5, 2014

2nd best jo in all of Japan!


How's everyone doing?  I am always surprised how fast the weeks go by.  I cannot believe I'm entering week 4 of this transfer.  It has been too much fun with Hamilton shimai.  She's hilarious, down to earth, and actually a lot like dad. Very logical ;)  

This week, nothing too interesting happened.  We had as a goal in the mission to have 500 people come to church this past sunday.  We didn't make it, but we still did a good job.  We ended up having 7 people come to our ward.  I was very surprised.  Mostly because Hamilton shimai and I had completely forgotten...because we were teaching every single day. (what?! I guess we're just great focused missionaries) but the members had invited a good amount of people and some less actives came.  All together very good.  

Today for preparation day we went to the Matsuyama Jo.  Apparently it's the 2nd best jo in all of Japan.  I don't know what's the first (Himeji?) But it was so cool!  Hamilton shimai and I put on the samurai armor and battled it out.  Did I mention that she is a second degree black belt in tae kwan do?  Yeah, good stuff.  So whenever we get really stressed we can just take it out on each other right?  (Sarah studied tae kwon do at BYU for about 18 mos before her mission - I don't remember which belt she has - lol) 

The castle is up on the mountain, so we took this chair lift, with no seat belts, up to the top.  It was crazy!  Then we walked around the grounds and took lots of panoramic photos because you can see all of Matsuyama and then some.  The castle kind of reminded me of the gamble house, because it's all built of wood and the beams are puzzle pieced to stick and to reinforce.  

But this past week was crazy busy, I am definitely counting my blessings. There are huge bags underneath Hamilton shimai and my eyes.  It's comforting that the chorotachi do as well.  Meaning, it's definitely normal to be exhausted every single day.  Only lasting due to the grace of our Heavenly Father.  It's been pretty bad though, I completely slept through the morning alarm, so did Hamilton shimai.  Didn't hear it go off.  Yeah... felt pretty bad.  We're going to change that.  

However, last night, a family in the branch invited the whole branch to come to their house, eat food, and then go and see the fireflies.  Fireflies are gorgeous!  Not the actual bug.  But it creates such a nice atmosphere.  Impossible to take a photo of and capture the fuinki of the look.  So magical!  It reminded me of some sort of enchanted forest.  I'm so grateful for the beauty of this earth and the chemical phenomenons that Heavenly Father has created. 

While I've been in Matsuyama, through the strength and guidance of our Heavenly Father, we were able to find 2 new investigators this week but at least one new investigator every week since I've been here.  That has never happened before.  And I know it's not me.  I'm not that good at dendo.  These two sisters were previous investigators who are once more willing to hear our Heavenly Father's message about how we can return to our loving Heavenly Father once more and be eternally happy!

This week is the farewell conference for the Zinke's.  They are packing up and leaving.  It'll only be an hour after our Zone taikai.  Should be good.  They will say good bye to all the missionaries and then leave on the 28th.  Welch kaicho comes on the 27th.  They come to the honbu and then the next morning receive 3 hours of training and then the Zinkes leave.  I would be so scared.  Thank goodness the Lord is on our side and that revelation is real.  

Hope all is well state side.  Hope every one is healthy and happy.  

Love always, 
Bevan Shimai

Tram ride to Matsuyama jo! No seat belts but there is a handy net?

Uh, that's a long way down!

Samurai chorro and shimai!

Hamilton & Bevan shimai

Matsuyama jo

Chorro samurai

Check out my new attire!  

View of Matsuyama from the top of the jo!