Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Go get married!" . . . or words of wisdom from the obachan!

This week has been a week of finding.  Not too many lessons, everyone is either working or sick...  We have also dropped a lot of people who were not interested.  All in the life of a missionary. 

Last Friday we met with our gaijin friend.  She lives in the next door town of Aioi and she teaches english.  She's really nice and fun to hang out with.  We've gone out for a couple of meals and we've been trying to test the waters to see how interested she's in the gospel.  I never realized how difficult it was to dendo gaijin.  It's kind of scary because I can actually speak the language!  and I understand perfectly what's going on! She does have an interest in spiritual things. I hope and pray she turns into a new investigator, but in the meantime we are enjoying our new friendship!  I refuse to be one of those missionaries who avoids anyone who doesn't have an outward interest in the gospel.  I believe veryone can benefit from all or even part of our message. 

Saturday, we had a relief society activity.  There is a woman in the branch who can make cake (real cake... but not american style).  And she taught everyone how to make it.  The closest thing I can compare it to is 2 sheets of sponge cake (but not as sweet) with a ton of whipped cream and fruit (like a trifle).  I kind of stood off to the side since there were a ton of women and the sister in charge was monitoring everything because Japanese women cannot bake!  It is not in their culture to do so.  So I spent most of the time helping a mom of twin 2 year old boys.  They were a whirlwind of activity and it was the least I could do to help out.  To give you an idea, one of them ended up getting onirigiri (rice triangles) in his hair and rice is similar to gum in hair.  I tried to help control the mess.  The mother was a bit embarrassed, but I explained that I used to babysit and I could handle this- sort of, lol.  I played with them, drew with them, I tried just about everything I could to keep those boys quiet and happy in order to give this poor woman a break.  You could say she uses -nasai. . . a lot (i.e. sorry to bother you)

Then on Sunday.  The primary made easter eggs and later handed them out.  We got to sit through sunday school.... zzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz. :)  Beane shimai says our teacher is the worst teacher she has ever seen.  We didn't even realize he was praying at the beginning (embarassing) and then he continued on to read straight from the old testament... exodus... I think?  And then he read straight from the manual....Then when someone tried to clarify what he said because they were confused, he became defensive and put her down.  I was shocked.  Woa.  Maybe we should get the kaicho to sit in and maybe change the teachers.  The worst part was that a recent convert was there with her non-member mother, and they have no idea what's going on!  We've tried to direct them to the gospel principles class but they refuse to go. (Oh well, there are some things I just don't understand at all).  

Then sacrament meeting.... By the time kaicho got up to speak, half of the branch was already asleep from the gospel doctrine class.  His grandkid was sitting up front and was out cold and so was his older brother.  And so was almost everyone else!  Granted, it was nice to listen to him trying to get everyone to wake up.  He did give a very good talk on the resurrection of Christ.  How because of Christ we all get to live again and receive perfect bodies.  Free from sorrow, sickness, and grief.  How I cannot wait for that awesome day when I can eat all the dessert I want... and not get fat :)

Yesterday, after church we made egg salad sandwhiches because we got like 4 boiled eggs from the branch.  Which I have come to like since coming to japan, because egg salad sandwiches are a thing here.  I still have difficulty eating plain boiled eggs.   So that's as eastery as it got for us.  We had pancakes for dinner though :) (got to love the day before preparation day).  

That afternoon we went housing and the first door we knocked on a woman actually invited us into her genkan.  We talk for a little bit and we find out she's heard about Christ before (a lot of people haven't) and she asked us to come back again sometime.  I hope for the best.  She's got 3 sons and she also seemed really interested in our murio eikaiwa (English class) program :) Maybe she'll come?  

So we continue housing and we come across this house that's behind a warehouse and we go and knock on the door.  And of course this old obachan comes out and starts to talk with us, because, hey, how often is it that 2 gaijin come knocking on your door!?  We say we're from america and she says she has no interest in the gospel.  "mukashi mae bukkyo desu." (I hear that A LOT),  but then she asks, "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Uh... no"  "kekkon shinasai" which translates to "Get married!"  or "go get married"  So that was a first.  And I'm sorry to tell her but that's not happening for a while. ;) Beane shimai got a huge kick out of that

this week is also interviews, which are always good.  I'm excited to receive revelation for my area.  I want to help things move forward.  We finally got the paperwork from the branch kaicho and so I'm excited to get started.  I want to see some people come to church!  We need more members at church!  

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

ai shitemasuyo! 愛してますよ!

Bevan Shimai

Sunset in Ako

Making new friends in Japan!

Japanese style egg salad sandwich

Egg salad stuffed into sandwich bread - Happy Easter!