Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yeah for divine intervention and stolen helmets!

Ok, so this week was transfer time!

So it was a sad good-bye to Tojo Shimai, but I have my new companion- Pettit Shimai.  She is from SLC, the MillCreek area. Our Japanese skills are about the same level. She has been here one more transfer than I have. She can just talk a little bit longer than I can.   So in the first couple of days, I've learned a lot. She does dendo a lot differently than I do.    However, I'm looking forward to this transfer.  It's going to be amazing. I know that Pettit Shimai and I will learn to do great work together.  I already feel more independent and able to help Pettit Shimai get to know our investigators and members.  Btw, she is as tall or even taller than I am! I really miss Tojo Shimai and hope that she will do well in her new area and with her new trainees!

However, time to move on to the miracles of the week:

So this week since Friday, we've had more walk ins than I have ever seen in my life.  One of them is now a new investigator who said she wanted to come to church.  

I was able to make a call in Japanese successfully.  (yeah for divine intervention!)

I ran into an old Potential investigator of Gomez and Ohata Shimai's.  At the time they met she had just moved so she didn't know her adress and she didn't have  phone.  So when I met her, I made sure to get her phone number. So before, we had no way to contact her. Now, we can and I'm excited to see what happens.

Then we had a lesson with an investigator that I wasn't able to meet with before.  She likes to come to church and she likes the good feelings in church.  We had a lesson on prayer.  We taught her how to recognize answers.  We asked her how she felt.  She said that she felt warm and peaceful.  We connected her feelings to the spirit. I'm hoping and praying that she keeps her commitment to pray everyday.  At the end of the lesson she said that she wanted to pray.  So stoked. So grateful :D

Funny story of the week. On Tuesday night, I had my helmet stolen :]  We were at the bishop's house and when I came out my helmet was gone.  In japan, it's required by law for everyone on a moterbike to have a helmet and not for bikes.  Nobody wears a helmet on a bike.  So then I didn't have a helmet for about 24 hours. Until one of the elders gave me their helmet because they had a ton of extra helmets at the apartment.  Then I traded Tojo Shimai for her helmet because she liked the one I had, and i like hers.  So all in all.  I got a helmet i liked :]  (Maybe the story isn't as interesting as I thought it was, but I have a piece of Tojo Shimai with me :] )

And that's about it for the week.  I'm so grateful to be on a mission. I am trying my best and my best is getting better.  I love missionary work. time is flying by here. I can't even imagine ever leaving. I think I may refuse getting on the plane. You might have to drag me! But if you coax me with a an American cookie I amy be more willing :)   I have learned how to be a better person and how to improve my relationship with my Heavenly Father.  This church is true.  I know it is because I have felt it's true through the Holy Ghost.  

I'm sorry this letter isn't very long.  But this week I got to go finding and then me and Pettit Shimai realized that we had a lot to work on.  So, we've got our work cut out.  I'm already more independent.  I'm grateful that I can understand the members and that I can somewhat understand people on the street.  I'm grateful that I can understand our investigators.. somewhat.  So far.  It's definitely a blessing. 

This week one of the Fushimi sisters, Long Shimai returned home back to the States.  She finished her 11 transfers.  She started in the Shimogamo ward so she was happy to be back in Shimogamo the last couple weeks of her mission, despite the circumstances. Even she couldn't fathom leaving.  It didn't quite hit her that she was returning home. She was an awesome missionary. She confirmed to me how quickly time passes on your mission. I still can't believe I was with Tojo Shimai for 12 weeks!  I can't believe I am a 4th transfer already.  

People keep telling me that I'm a good missionary. I say that because during that anxious time period of waiting to see what was going to happen this transfer I was really stressed out that I would be made a trainer.  But the elders in our area kept telling me not to worry that I was a great missionary and had a lot to offer to other missionaries. Of course, I don't really believe them, but it was nice to hear :)  I don't really know what a "good" missionary is - what makes a "great" missionary? All I try to do is follow the Spirit and go with my gut feelings.  I follow the mission rules, and I try to be obedient in all things. I try to teach according to the needs of my investigators and I try to help them in any way that I can.  Truly, missionaries are just a means to an end,  this is the Lord's work and He converts those with a contrite spirit through the Holy Spirit. As missionaries we are just here to introduce them to the Holy Ghost and help them learn to find the Spirit in their own lives.

I am excited to be in Shimogamo for a third transfer.  This is such a blessing!  I am so grateful for our two new converts.  I am so amazed by their testimonies and the beautiful spirit that attended their baptism.  One of the women moved her date up so that Tojo Shimai and I could both be at her baptism before the end of the transfer date. I have much to be happy and grateful for at this time of Thanksgiving.  

Thank you for your prayers on my behalf, thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and advice and support.  Please always pray, always read your scriptures.  Read the Book of Mormon, it bears such a beautiful testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Love to all,

Bevan shimai

Hanging out with my companions - 6 weeks ago :)

Fall Color in Kyoto

Waterway near my apartment

Beautiful Fall leaves

Amazing food!

Baptismal photo from last Sunday