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Photos, Finally!

So this picture is from the day where our district played a "friendly" game of volleyball. There was this bet (which fell out) that whoever lost had to take the other choro/shimai's trays to the kitchen.  This was the before picture when everyone still loved each other ;)  The shimaitachi lost but we didn't end up cleaning up after the chorotachi.  So it makes a great story ;) or as great as a story you'll get from the MTC.

 This is my classroom!  Isn't it great? Our classroom is located in the basement - we like to call it The Dungeon!

Can you see all of my books stacked up on the chair under the window?

 This is the some of the group that just left the other day.   Mostly just Sister Biddle (the girl in the pink) Sister Baker (sister right next to her in the burnt orange) and sister Murray (bottom in the light blue)  We became so close to them. They were our sister training leaders and we had so many good laughs together.  Sis. Baker and Murray are going to Sapporo and Sis. Biddle is going to Tokyo. 

Funny story about sis. Biddle.  She's from Australia and was originally on the fast track but her visa kept getting delayed so she was here for the full nine weeks instead of the originally planned 3. Oops.  But she was so patient about it.  
The other girls in the photo are those in my zone leaving for Japan next month.

 Me and Sister Grant!  Maddie was my roommate my freshman year at Helaman Halls.  She has been called to serve her mission in Russia!  I was so excited to see that her room is just down the hall from me!

 This picture was taken of the temple towards the end of May. The temple grounds smelled AMAZING.  It was just gorgeous with all these pink roses.  I couldn't stop thinking of you mom.  Cause I know how much you love pink roses :)

Ok so this picture is of me with Sister Vielstich.. or Alicia.  She was in my freshmen and sophomore ward and we ended up doing a trio for about 10 hours because of a mix up with her visa.  She's already off to Sapporo, Japan.  I was so excited for her.  Luckily she got to leave the next day instead of waiting for the next transfer, she just wishes she could have left with the district.

Hey mom and dad.. and everyone!
So I guess the highlights of the week would be the crazy stomach flu virus that spread like wildfire at the MTC.  Yes, me and my companion were a part of that first wave to catch it last week.  At first it was suspected to be food poisoning but turned out otherwise?  Yes, there were about 100 people who were at first sent to the ER but then they stopped sending missionaries after they figured out what was wrong.  So I'd like to say that at least 500 people were sick last week.  Three out of the six sisters (my companion and I included) in my district  and 2 of the elders were really ill.  I believe I had a fever because I had the chills and was in a cold sweat that evening.  I'm not going to go into the gross details but needless to say my doryo and I were up all night being sick... yeah... it doth sucketh.   Turns out that wednesday when I was sleeping all day that almost the entire MTC campus was empty because everyone was sick in bed.  At least that's what the other sisters reported.  What an interesting day to report to the MTC.  "Welcome to the MTC!  Everyone is sick today with food poisoning or a flu virus.  We're not really sure.  You're gonna love it here!"....

 There's me - 2nd row, 3rd from right in a white oxford shirt.  My companion, Douglas Shimai is to my right.  The Quorum of the Twelve along with their wives are seated below me!
There's me - same photo as above, just cropped in close

Overview of the Marriott Center - all the sisters in the left and elders on the right!

Ok, so the Broadcast... Let me tell ya, the entire MTC was buzzing with excitement.  All of us were wondering what the "big" announcement was going to be.  All of us were pondering and thinking and making up stuff as to what was going to happen.  Choir practices took up almost the entire MTC auditorium.  Our choir director had to ask those who weren't as devoted to the music (as in not memorized) to not sing because we had 200 more than needed.  I loved singing though.  My companion and I ended up sitting in the second row of the soprano section, I am fifth person in and my companion is on my right.  I am wearing a white oxford shirt and she is wearing a black blazer.  When the apostles walked in... I could see every detail of their faces and such joy overwhelmed me that I was tearing up.  I was so excited and the Spirit was so strong that I was overflowing with emotion.  (strange.. I know ;)) Elder Bednar looked straight at me and smiled.  Elder Ballard waved at me.  Elder Christofferson smiled and waved as well.  It made not being on camera so worth it :D.  Although that close up shot of the sopranos at the end of "hark all ye nations" was two rows above me.  I was a tad bit angry about that.  And, I was annoyed and frustrated that they didn't show any close up shots of the sisters in "called to serve".  They've been showing the elders for the past 100 and something YEARS.  They've never had so many sisters.... what a wasted opportunity.  Especially when they elders look all sad and overburdened whereas the sisters are so bubbly and cute.... Such a waste.  Oh well. :P  I was just stoked that I was one of the few people to be so close to the apostles.  You could say I sang with extra vigor when they turned in their seats to watch us :D

A quote that I heard from Elder Holland at the Broadcast was, "If you invite family and friends to the gospel out of love, it won't be taken as offensive or judgemental." If we act of love and kindess, qualities of Christ, there is nothing to fear.  This is the Lord's work and He will help you.  It is evident that His work is expanding and people cannot aford to be afraid or hesistant.   This is a gospel of salvation.  The gospel is the good news!  People want to hear about it, do not hide your light beneath the bushel but let your light so shine forth before the world.  Ok, that was my soapbox for the day :D
Another highlight in my branch was that the older district chorotachi (elders) were asked to pass the sacrament to the quorum of the twelve that morning at 7 AM.  That's a nice memory of the MTC to leave with.  Our old zone leader, Elder Hardin, had the privledge to pass the sacrament to the Prophet... Nbd.  He said that his hand was shaking both times he approached the prophet. 
This past week our daisempai left for Japan.  It was so sad to see them leave because we became so close.  Daisempai are the districts who have stayed at the MTC for over 6 weeks.  Sempai are those who have been at the MTC for at least 3 weeks and kohi are the newbies.  It changes with every transfer.  Also we get new Kohi this week, so our district will be upgraded to Daisempai.  Although, I still feel as if I don't know any of the language.  Those first few weeks are going to be so much fun in Japan... :D We also will get new Nihonjin next week... I think?  They are the Japanese missionaries who come to the MTC in Provo to be trained for about 12 days  (same as english... or engrish speaking)  and they leave on the same flight as us. :)  So it is very exciting.  The Nihonjin are the best because it is such a great opportuninty to learn how to have a conversation that is not all about the gospel.  Or what's commonly said and not commonly said. Because the dictionary fails to explain connotation.  :P
I guess I will say one thing about my daily schedule is that by 8:30 every night our district brain is shot from studying all day. So we call it "district bonding time." Activities range from wall ball to personality quizzes to asking questions about previous life to playing "jon kim po" (rock paper scissors).   We have so much fun. And ever since we've come to the MTC our sense of humor has definitely changed. We're laughing at things that we wouldn't normally find funny because everything is SO serious here.  But we survive. :)
Oh and I just remembered google translate.  It provided such a nice laugh and I shared it with both of my sensai's.. It was pretty great.  But what it said was, " Jesus Christ is the Savior.  I love this gospel.  God loves all of us.  I can understand Japanese in class and in lessons, even though my Japanese isn't all that great.  But I can learn.  I can do this. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." 
I know I'm going to make mistakes and people will give me funny looks but it makes for a great story, desu ne?
Anyway, I'm going to head out.  Hope everyone is doing well.  This work is so exciting, don't let the fervor drop.  Keep it up.  You can do this,
Love あいしっています、
Bevan Shimai
Note:  I can write on the computer in Hiragana/Katakana because I can change the language on the computer.  It's like the only thing I can do on this computer because there are no other  programs on here! I just click on an icon to type in hiragana/katakana/kanji.  Although I didn't mean to type in Kanji last week.  Turns out if you use the space bar it turns it into Kanji... oops. Love you!

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