Thursday, June 6, 2013

I can write my testimony in Japanese!

The far right inscription reads "See I can write my testimony"!
Hey everyone, I can officially read and write Hiragana and Katakana as of this week.  After 5 days of constant studying, I think I finally have them down.  I am just so grateful that my Japanese has improved so much in the last 3 weeks.  I know I couldn't do this without the Lord's help.

The big news this week is that the MTC is starting to place missionaries in the Raintree Apartments.  They will walk/travel between there and the MTC every morning and evening.
The next big news is that one of the sisters in my district, Damron Shimai, finally unpacked!  Yay
My companion, Shimai Douglas and I are getting to know each other better.  The other day I found out that she played softball in high school - and all the girls on her team were mean to her as well :)  So I suggested we throw a ball around, it was so much fun.   We finally both opened up and shared stories and more personal things that you really don't have time to do when you are studying all day.  We really bonded, which was great and important for our relationship.  We also found out that we both love peanut butter M&Ms!

This week my district has nicknamed me the "scriptorian".  I have Brother Parker to thank for that one.  He is one of the best religion teachers at BYU!  It's nice to know all those hours in religion class are paying off :)

I have seen a number of friends here working at the MTC, mostly from my math and engineering classes and a few from my ward last year.  My friend, Dan, works in the cafeteria and I tend to go there a lot for like . . . food.  I love talking to him and honestly there have been a couple of days of where I just needed a listening ear to vent to!

I am doing great, thanks for your letters.  I love to read them.   I love all the pictures, it's fun to see everyone.  Have to run to lunch now,

Love you,


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